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Dota League Cup Announced
Submitted by Impulsive on Sat, 24/10/2009 - 11:40

In order to provide excitement in between seasons of Pick League, Dota-League has announced the first ever Dota-League Cup. With 512 teams participating for the prizes provided by Steelseries, tournament sign-ups starts on October 25th and last until November 8th. The teams will need to be registered on Dota-League first before signing up for Dota-League Cup. Sign ups are now open!

Dota-League Cup - Quick facts

* Teams participating in FARM 4 FAME atm. are not allowed to take part in order to give upcoming clans a chance to prove themselves
* Only registered Players / Clans on Dota-League: Index can participate (register before the sign up is full!)
* About 2 months of 5on5 DotA action!
* Up to 512 teams from all over the world!
* Sign ups from Sunday, 25th October to the 8th November!
Visit Dota-League for the complete details!

The Official Announcement | Tournament Center

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