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DotA Pride announces two new leagues
Submitted by supa_fly on Sat, 16/01/2010 - 06:45

DotA Pride announces two new leagues

DotA Pride, the already popular and fulfilling inhouse league, has broadened its boundaries by creating two new sections of the league: DotA Pride Asia and DotA Pride Public. Both leagues are currently open for vouch requests.

If you would like to get vouched for DotA Pride Public, visit this link.
If you would like to get vouched for DotA Pride Asia, visit this link.

Prior to the announcement of DotA Pride Public and DotA Pride Asia, an interview in conjunction with and was conducted with the new the administrators of each league where each gave insight to themselves and their plans for their league. Below is a short except.

The Asian DotA scene had no inhouse leagues before DotA-Pride Asia and were fine with playing public games and clanwars, what will make them want to play in DotA-Pride Asia?

SoloZ (head administrator of DotA Pride Asia): There was actually an attempt awhile back by myself to make an Asia league known as the Champions Gaming League, but the attempt eventually folded due to several factors e.g. Asians not open to using IRC as a platform. This time round we have the support of DotA Pride over at the Europe side who have a good understanding and the resources required to make a inhouse league work. Additionally, basing Pride Asia on Garena with bots would be a huge improvement from the CGL of past. Another major factor would be the attractiveness of prizes offered for playing in the league.

By playing in Dota-Pride 2 you can get a vouch for DotA-Pride if you belong to the top 5, will the top players from DotA-pride public league get vouched into DotA-Pride 2?

Caterink (head administrator of DotA Pride Public): Yes, the top 5 from dota pride public will be promoted to dp2.
Source: | and interview

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