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Dota Retiree Interviews
Submitted by dpm on Thu, 19/11/2009 - 05:35

Read supa_fly's MYM interviews with some of DotA's most taleted retired players, Drayish, Slasher, Cubs and Chu. Find out who has got kids, never plays DotA anymore and which two might return to the DotA scene.

Who said this?
Loda shared some pictures of your wedding in a blog of his, so tell us: what's the life of a married man like?

I don't know if there is a major difference between being married or just living together. The commitment already came there when we got kids, and sharing the financial situation, really it's not a big deal. However, going into the church and in front of all the people you love and doing this commitment is really a big deal, at least for me. And the life after being married and before being married, it's no different.

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