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DotA Revival Results
Submitted by dpm on Wed, 05/08/2009 - 02:48

Singapore's summer is action packed with numerous tournaments with an increasing number using map version 6.61b. Last weekend, 16 teams faced-off at the DotA Revival Tournament jointly organized by Evolution and GWSG, with support from Garena. They battled it out in a BO1 single elimination format.

Familiar names, such as Axis and XtC were present. XtC was the WCG Singapore DotA team, by beating Axis in the qualifier final, and won third place at the WCG Asian Championship 2009. Axis is the team that consistently reaches the final in many tournaments to eventually become 2nd. How well will these two teams do using a different map or will other teams dominate this tournament? Check out the winner, what they had to say and our match reports here!


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Axis (from left to right): Seabear,Chawy,Art,D4rkn3s5,X|aNz-

PlayDotA's News Editor, dpm, managed to ask a question many people are wondering. How does it feel to be first in this tournament, as you have often placed second in the recent tournaments?
We feel very excited about the win, overcoming our rivals, XtC at the semi finals, where we failed to do so during the WCG National Finals. It was sweet revenge. The major local powerhouses in Singapore such as Kingsurf and XtC are always the few vying for the top position. Kingsurf did not participate in the Dota Revival tournament and I feel that our chances for the top spot were increased significantly. It was not easy overcoming XtC, we played through a 91minute game with them at the semi finals, but in the end, managed to clinch a rather convincing win. Well played by XtC!
Nevertheless, fans out there can expect to witness more podium victory for Axis as we gear up and fine-tune our gameplay for the upcoming competitions.
- LaNceLoT, Manager of Axis

We'll be winning top place for upcoming competition on 15th august!
- Axis-Art`RSC, Captain of Axis

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