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DotAzilla Released Today
Submitted by Champ on Sat, 06/06/2009 - 12:45


What is Dotazilla ?


DotAzilla is Dota-League's very own DotA helper tool, designed to enhance the user's playing experience by providing useful features and allowing advanced statistics generation.


DotAzilla is designed to be as easy as possible, just start it and forget it, it will discover Warcraft and SIGs automatically, no need for you to do anything. It can auto start Warcraft if you wish, so no extra click needed. It automatically updates itself, so you always have the latest features and improvements with you. It is unobtrusive, it will reside only as a tray icon most of the time and it uses almost no system resources, to not impact your playing experience besides its helping features.


Go Here to Downlaod DotAzilla

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