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ENC Final - Result
Submitted by Sabian on Thu, 30/07/2009 - 09:30

European Nations Championship 2009

Grand Final
Ukraine vs Romania

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Tournament Information


Statement from v1lat, Manager of Team Ukraine
6-0 vs 6-0.
With no doubt I can say that Two greatest teams in a FINAL.
We were talking with mates about romanian guys from the very begining of tournament, their great matches vs Denmark, Sweden, Bulgaria were really impressive.
And now we have to play against this "frag machine".
Of course will be hard, but we are not a newbies, and we are prepared well for this game.
DTS.Chatrix players are at bootcamp, so it will be much more easier to play from LAN for 3 of us.
And, as it was said by some football trainer "Changes in winning roster - it is siucide", so we'll play with our semifinal and really the best team atm with Go[blin] as captain, Phobos, Amsi, Dendi and Axypa in squard.

Good Luck to Team Romania. See you at ESL TV!

Previous encounters
Ukraine 1:0 Croatia
Ukraine 1:0 Poland
Ukraine 1:0 Russia
Ukraine 1:0 Germany
Ukraine 1:0 Slovakia
Ukraine 1:0 Germany (semifinal)

Statement from MoD, Manager of Team Romaina
Hello guys!

Well this ENC really ended up exactly like I expected, with us in the final against none other than Ukraine. I'm really disappointed when it comes to Sweden and Denmark, they could have been better opponents for us. As for Russia, no words here, and Germany worked it's way to the semifinals. Congratulations to the above teams and also for the rest of the ENC DotA teams, may the next edition bring together more competitors than now.

As for present, I just can't understand, it took the qualification round, the main round and the semifinal to make me realize that these guys really don't know how DotA is played in Romania. I'm guessing Ukraine won't make that mistake because otherwise this final is going to be a very short one!

But enough with "manager type" phrases, I would like to be the first person who congratulates Ukraine for winning the final in case they do. Excellent run from them this year! In the end I've prepared something for you guys, all of you: members, fans, staff, visitors, a nice picture edit with our captain Cristian 'ppasarel' Banaseanu:

Hope you like it!

Previous encounters
Romania 1:0 Czech Republic
Romania 1:0 Bulgaria
Romania 1:0 Denmark
Romania 1:0 Bulgaria
Bans (team1 first) | | | | | | |

Picks (team1 first) | | | | |

Ukraine, Sentinel

Amsi (top)
Axypa (top, wood)
DTSDkPhobos (bot)
DTSGoblin (mid)
Dendi (top)

Romania, Scourge

Ly0n (bot)
Ro-Coco (bot)
S0ny (mid)
Airwalk^bone (mid)
ppasarel (top)

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