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ESWC adds DotA for 2010
Submitted by supa_fly on Mon, 01/02/2010 - 01:46

ESWC adds DotA for 2010

Electronic Sports World Cup, French gaming tournament corporation, has recently made a return to the gaming scene. Although once supported by ESWC, DotA has been re-added to ESWC's list of official games and will be supported this year at ESWC 2010.

ESWC 2010 games:
  • DotA
    Counter Strike
    Counter Strike Women
    Warcraft 3: Frozen throne
    Trackmania ESWC
    Virtua tennis
    Need for speed Shift
    Street Fighter 4
    Fifa 2010
    Quake Live
    Guitar Hero

DotA prize distribution:
  1. $ 14,000
  2. $ 7,000
  3. $ 3,500
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