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ESWC teams
Submitted by supa_fly on Tue, 08/06/2010 - 12:12

ESWC 2010 teams

Qualified Teams: - Neosia, Ph0eniiX, YoYa, New, Combal
DTS - ArtStyle-, Light, Dendi^, NS, Dread
Reborn - PixeL-, o no, MindHtr, knoTiR, owow
EHOME - 820, BurNing, 357, KingJ, Dai - Kenchi, XtinCt, Net, Sharky, XXF
Universal Soldiers - Hugs, Jin-SID, _nIQ, DifferentStyles, Jacob
Invited Teams: - hyhy, ToFu, Roy, xy-, iceiceice
LOST Project DotA - Ducky, MiSery-, Loda, Pajkatt, Twisted
Nirvana.International - Fear, Demon, Korok, Puppey, Azen
Meet Your Makers - Maelk, MaNia-, 13abyknight, PlaymatE, PusHer
Eyes On U - hexOr, moods, Kev, Alex, Arya
Online Kingdom - syndereN, XoY, Fire-_-, Black^, KuroKy
The Elder Gods - RMP, CoCo, Freezer, Sony, Lyon
CNB-Gaming - Darky, brTT, Polar, Frango, Lucasxd
Playlife - RONIN, Arnold, eQual, xe1feR, LONELY
Bulgaria team - bAt-IvO-, not_Djrasta_BG, nrgbatman, firfi, nowhere
This post will be updated along with ESWC team and roster updates. Stay tuned, and visit!

*Update* Nirvana.Int: Korok and Puppey will be replacing Merlini and Santa.

*Update #2* MYM: 13abyknight will be replacing Lacoste. This is only a temporary roster that will not be used again after ESWC.

*Update #3* LAN: Eyes On U will be sponsoring LAN for their trip to ESWC.

*Update #4* CNB: Polar will be replacing PAADA for ESWC.

*Update #5* Three additional teams have been invited: Tornado Walay, Playlife, and Bulgaria team.

*Update #6* MCiTY.DotA and Tribal.Int will be unable to attend due to sponsorship issues.

*Update #7* T-Out: Universal Soldiers will be sponsoring them for their trip to Paris and Jacob will team up with T-Out for ESWC.

*Update #8* CNB: Lucasxd will replace Gordin for ESWC.

*Update #9* Blight Gaming will not be sending Ducky's Dream Team to ESWC. However, DDT will still be able to attend.

*Update #10* MUFC was unable to raise the money or secure a sponsorship for their trip to Paris, and as a result will not be attending. The Malaysian qualifier runner-up,, will be replacing MUFC as the Malaysian representative.

*Update #11* MUFC's Sharky and former Kingsurf player XXF will be replacing Mushi and Xigz for ESWC.

*Update #12* Rumors of iceiceice's return have been confirmed. iceiceice will be replacing MikeD for ESWC.

*Update #13* Bulgaria team: nowhere will be playing as Bulgaria's fifth player.

*Update #14* Ducky's Dream Team: LOST Project will sponsor DDT for their trip to ESWC and will continue sponsoring DDT in the future. The team has also decided on the roster they will be using, and Miracle has chosen to sit out.

*Update #15* Due to Visa issues Tornado Walay will not be able to attend.

*Update #16* CNB: Frango will be replacing Sune for ESWC.

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