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F4F Day 1 Results [Spoilers]
Submitted by Sabian on Sat, 04/07/2009 - 06:27



Farm 4 Fame finals are now running and 5 games have already been played by, Ravens, TEG and EG. Here is a quick snippet of the tournament, the bracket and a bunch of links to watch the finals on sunday evening (CET).

Make sure to read PlayDota Forums as we are covering every games and updating live results (well, almost live). The tournament will resume today Sunday July 5 at 5pm CET.




Match Reports
- Winner Bracket Round 1 (Ravens vs TEG)
- Winner Bracket Round 1 (Ks.Int vs EG)
- Loser Bracket Round 1
- Winner Bracket Round 2


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Pictures courtesy of Dota-League

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