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F4F Finals Results [Spoilers]
Submitted by Sabian on Sun, 05/07/2009 - 01:35


The Farm4Fame Finals are now over. The American team "Evil Geniuses" managed to take the win over The Elder Gods from Romania. Evil Geniuses, which just had a heavy line-up change, only lost one game in the whole tourmanet (against TeG in winner Bracket Round 2, 2:1) and beating 2:0 in the Winner Bracket Round 1.


They later faced off against the Romanian for the Winner Bracket Finals and played flawless games leading to clear 2:0 victory.


About Farm4Fame : Presented by the Dota-League, this tournament gathers 32 World-class teams for 10 short tourneys and one major final on the internet. FARM 4 FAME was held over 20 weeks during which a prize galore of 100 hardware prizes by » SteelSeries and a prize pool of 3.000 Euros honored the best 3 teams.






Match Reports and Replays

- Winner Bracket Round 1 (Ravens vs TEG)
- Winner Bracket Round 1 (Ks.Int vs EG)
- Loser Bracket Round 1
- Winner Bracket Round 2
- Loser Bracket Final ( vs TEG)
- Grand Final (EG vs TEG)




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