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F4F Second Blood
Submitted by Milo- on Tue, 08/09/2009 - 11:48

For more than ten months the FARM4FAME tournament constantly provided high quality matches for the DotA scene. Now already two months went by since the play offs and the waiting for a successor finally comes to an end!

After publishing only a teaser image the Dota-League now revealed some more detailed information about the new tournament called FARM4FAME Second Blood. The system mostly remains the same, the most important changes have been made in the allocation of points and the amount of participating teams which has been reduced from 32 to 16. Eight teams have already been invited and confirmed attendance:
Evil Geniuses
The Elder Gods
Razer.CGC Int
Roskilde Ravens
Fnatic MSI
diamondZ e.V.
MCiTY sGty
DTS Chatrix
Four more teams will be invited and the teams taking the remaining four spots will be determined via a qualifier in the form of an invite only mini-tournament.

Source: Dota-League

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