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F4F Second Blood #3 Bracket
Submitted by OwL OwL on Tue, 15/12/2009 - 11:16

F4F Second Blood #2 is over but there are 3 more to go. DotA-League has released the brackets for Farm4Fame: Second Blood #3. fnatic.MSI will not play in this edition due to their trip to China. There are 2 new teams in this 3rd edition which are Team Thermaltake and DIPSARNA from the qualifiers while EnRo-Griffins' will be replace by The Shit!. The 1st playday will start on December 17th.

Previously , The Powerful United Force Ben's Friendly Buddies took the top spot in F4F Second Blood #2 after winning Meet Your Maker with 2:0 scores. Will MYM get their pride back in F4F Second Blood #3 ?

PlayDota will bring you match coverage of F4F Second Blood #3

Current F4F Top 10 Ranking
Ranking Teams Scores
1 MYM 7
2 BFB 5
2 Fnatic.Msi 5
4 DTS Chatrix 3
5 Diamondz e.V 2
5 MCiTY sGty 2
7 Storm Games Clan 1
7 UCP MP3Store eC 1
7 The Elder Gods 1

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