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Farm 4 Fame 10 Finals Recap
Submitted by Champ on Sat, 06/06/2009 - 09:16



The 10th Farm 4 Fame tournament was the first tournament in which the newly changed Roskilde Ravens, played in.  Winning this tournament kept them in first place in the Top 10 Farmers list with 28 pts, above International Ks.Int who has 22 pts.  Ravens were able to defeat there two former teammates, Merlini and Fear of Evil Geniuses in the semi-finals. Maelk played Visage in that game, a hero who has been left out in the new version in competitive play and went 9-5 and helped team to achieve the victory along with miGGel who played almost nearly perfect Bane Elemental.

Australia sGty-gaming was able to make it into the finals by defeating Germany diamondZ e.V. 31-42, in the semi-finals.  Team carry Australia Toneeh went 16-6 with PotM and Australia Obama who played tinker and went 10-1.  This matchup lead to the finals to make two diverse teams to competete in the finals, bringing two different stratigies to the table in a best of 3 series.


Game 1 Analysis:

In game 1 of the finals Ravens first picked Crystal Maiden, who PusHer-StrEet played, and Maelk was able to play his famous Axe, or should I say Axe got to play Maelk.  Ravens were losing early game but made a comeback last game.  Maelk played a dominating Axe, which went 12-4 with great support by AngeL, who played an agressive Lion who went surprizingly 13-3.  Ravens were able to win game 1 which was 76 minutes, holding off Toneeh who played Visage.  Final score of game 1 was 31-37, Ravens won.


End Game Screen Shot



Game 2 Analysis:

Game 2 of the finals was a kill fest, sGty let Maelk get axe and were still able to pick up the win.  sGty had great teamwork and did very well early game.  Maelk was able to farm well with axe but he was killed a lot with a record of 15-9.  sGty managed to get many successful ganks on Ravens which helped them pick up the win.  Australia Kirai went 14-5 with PotM, played a great game and showed off what he can do.  sGty countered after Ravens pushed middle and were able to win, 38-45.


End Game Screen Shot



Game 3 Analysis:

Game 3 was an incrediable game for Raven's MaNia, he went 19-5 and his final items were Heart, Buriza, Battlefury, HoD, and treads.  Tonton's geomancer didn't work out as planned.  He had a bad early game against a very aggressive lane, and ended up dieing a lot in fights, final record was 3-12.  Ravens was able to win a lot of team fights and wasn't losing the game at all at any time of the game.  Final score of the game 3 was 30-44 Ravens won Farm 4 Fame #10!

End Game Screen Shot


Special thanks to BZeiler for the banner.

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