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Farm4Fame Playoff
Submitted by dpm on Fri, 03/07/2009 - 06:13



By: Twice

After ten editions of the Farm4Fame series, it has finally reached the playoffs where four teams will battle and strike hard upon each other for the crown. During the roughly nine months, 59 known teams from all over the world fought against each other to advance and to farm up points. Many teams did fall, however the Elder Gods, Evil Geniuses, Kingsurf International and Roskilde Ravens kept going edition after edition and made it into the playoff. The four teams were announced last time with full roster information. MiseRy from team The Last Try will be standing in for MaNia- from Ravens, as he cannot play on Saturday.

The playoff games are all scheduled to one weekend, 4-5 July, starting from 17:00 CET/GMT +1. The format is BO3, so there will be plenty of action andplay excitement for the fans.

We will provide you with live coverage of the games in our Competitive DotA section right here. You can also check out the precoverage made by the German organization Fragster right here, where Roskilde-Ravens and The Elder Gods are in the spotlight. They will release another precoverage tomorrow, featuring the Evil Geniuses and Kingsurf International.

Furthermore, we have a statement from the teams and a tournament administrator.


EG Team Captain 'Fear'

"Should be interesting going into the F4F playoffs with a completely different team than what qualified. We've been practicing a lot, and we have some of the biggest names in the world to deal with. It won't be easy but I think we should at least put on a good show."

Ks.intl player KuroKy

"I'm happy that we qualified for the playoffs to play some good games against the other top teams. we gonna turn this farm4fame to a gank4glory so be ready to watch some entertaining games."


Ravens Manager 'Mikkel'

"The F4F finals has finally hit us after a long and tough season, we're really looking forward to it and we're more than certain it'll be a great event. Heading off against EG, KS.Int and TeG will really put the team to a test but I have faith in us pulling through and playing to our full extend, good luck to all of the other teams and see you in the playoffs!"


TeG Manager 'SirNeo'

"F4F reached the finals and I can't tell you how glad we are because we managed to achieve our goal, getting a place in the playoffs. We will struggle to get a good place in this playoff. After we managed to win ESL Pro Series III our moral is high and we hope to make a beautiful figure next week. Regardless what will happen we are happy that we managed to again be near the top teams Ravens, EG and Ks.Int."

Admin 'HolyMaster'
"So here we are, 1 week to go until we know the winner of Farm 4 Fame. I talked to the 4 teams and we found a proper date the playoffs. Our shoutcasters are ready for action as well (SuShi and Cola in English, NiceTry and Warbringer in German), allthough it might become a problem, that we have only 2 Audiostreams.

Every Game will be streamed in GarenaTV and WaaaghTV. This way can be sure, that at least one stream works, and every fan is able to watch the matches (allthough its impossible to watch every game live)."


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