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Farm4Fame Playoffs Announced
Submitted by Sabian on Thu, 11/06/2009 - 05:23


The Farm4Fame Tournaments Series started over 8 months ago and quickly become one of (if not the one) major Online Dota Tournaments. Now, the time has come to know which team will takes it all as the tournament reaches The Playoffs stage.


The last step until the Playoffs was to determine the fourth team which would join, Evil Geniuses and Roskilde Ravens. The "tiebreaker" games were played yesterday and the Romanian players from TEG managed to defeat the German players of diamondZ e.V.

Here is the current line-up of the teams qualified for the Farm4Fame Playoffs:



1. Roskilde Ravens
- AngelOfGoD
- Maelk
- MaNia-
- miGGel
- PusHer-StrEet
- Smiske
- Puppey
- Levent
- KuroKy
- H4nn1
- Miracle

3. Evil Geniuses
- FearDarkness
- Merlini
- Fanat1c
- mO
- Whisper
4. The Elder Gods
- ppasarel
- Ly0n
- Hyperion
- CoCo


The bracket is already available on the Farm 4 Fame website (which is available in the links at the end of this news), the schedule of the first games is not known yet but is set to be released in the very next days. The Farm4Fame playoffs will provide 3000€ worth of prizemoney to the competitors involved. Dennis "HolyMaster" Schumacher is one of the Administrator of the Farm 4 Fame tournament, here is what he feels, reaching that very last step of the league:



I'm pretty satisfied with the way Farm4Fame ran through the year. It was a lot of hard work, but we saw some amazing matches and a very close fight for the playoffs (especially for the 4th place).

Now, when the end is near, we hope for a worthy finish with Ravens, KsInt, EG and TeG showing all their skills. For the finals I expect an epic battle between Ravens and KsInt, since EG has some rosterproblems and TeG seems like the weakest participan [...] I am looking forward to 6 tight matches with amazing shoutcasts and hopefully working Streams.



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Pictures courtesy of Dota-League


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