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Fnatic Add Dota
Submitted by Sabian on Wed, 15/07/2009 - 10:16

Fnatic.Msi just announced the creation of their Dota Squad. Here is the statement released by the official website The new Fnatic team is the former TLT squad which recently won the Dreamhack in Jonkoping. Miracle was playing instead of Kebap during this event.


After the departure of [our] first DOTA squad two months ago, the management of FnaticMSI has been maintaining the commitment to DOTA to sign a new squad when the time is right. We believe that with the addition of the TLT squad we have found what we have been looking for: a stable, skilful and dedicated team, which always aims to improve.

The new FnaticMSI DOTA division is:

 Edvin 'Kwom' Börjesson (Team Captain)
 Jonathan 'Loda' Berg
 Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Berth Filipsen
 Rene 'Kebap' Werner
 Aidar 'Aidar' Aringazin

TLT was founded earlier this year by Edvin 'KwoM' Börjesson. Nevertheless most of the players have known each other for longer and there was no doubt that the team will get along well with each other. After most recently winning the DreamHack Summer DOTA tournament, the squad strives to get one of the best DOTA squads of the world as well as proving themselves offline - and FnaticMSI is proud to be supporting the squad on its way to the top.



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