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G-1 League comes to Dota 2
Submitted by Wyk on Mon, 08/10/2012 - 11:20

Most of you know the massive outlook for DotA in China and it was only a matter of time before Dota 2 began getting some of this limelight.

Following the success of the Chinese teams at The International this year, the G-1 League has announced that the fourth edition of their Championships will be hosted on Dota 2 with the largest prize pool ever at the event standing at 330,000 RMB which accounts up to an approximate $52,000 USD.

The league will follow a similar structure as other tournaments that are currently going on. 10 invited teams will battle it out in a group format for a chance to qualify to participate in the LAN finals while only 4 of these teams will be able to make it through.

Five of these participating teams have already been revealed and are listed below. The rest of the teams will be announced soon.


The league is scheduled to kick off later in October this year and run all the way through November.

For all those looking forward to viewing the tournament, there will be streams in multiple languages. The Chinese players can enjoy the casts of Wu '2009' Sheng, Shen 'Crystal' Jiaqi and PikaXiu while the English stream will be presented by David 'Godz' Parker and David 'LD' Gorman.

via S-Gamer

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