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G-1 League Resumes
Submitted by dpm on Wed, 24/04/2013 - 01:53

G-1 League has resumed today. It was previous postponed due to DDoS attacks. Catch the streams on the official G-1 page. You can also watch the matches in-game with a USD 7.99 ticket, which comes with an exclusive G-1 courier.

Kaipi vs Fnatic will not be streamed. According to G-1, it is because teams and organizers were unable to find a suitable time.

Upper Brackets by Wyk.

Click on your timezone for the schedule. Tables are clearer in the forum version.

Apr 240100Mouse vs Alliance
Apr 240500Dignitas vs Na`Vi
Apr 240500Kaipi vs Fnatic (no stream)
Apr 250100LB Round 1 #1
Apr 250500LB Round 1 #2
Apr 260100Winner Semi-Finals #1
Apr 260500Winner Semi-Finals #2
Apr 270100LB Round 2 #1
Apr 270500LB Round 2 #2
Apr 280100LB Round 3
Apr 280500WB Final
Apr 290500LB Final

Apr 240400Mouse vs Alliance
Apr 240800Dignitas vs Na`Vi
Apr 240800Kaipi vs Fnatic (no stream)
Apr 250400LB Round 1 #1
Apr 250800LB Round 1 #2
Apr 260400Winner Semi-Finals #1
Apr 260800Winner Semi-Finals #2
Apr 270400LB Round 2 #1
Apr 270800LB Round 2 #2
Apr 280400LB Round 3
Apr 280800WB Final
Apr 290800LB Final

Apr 241000Mouse vs Alliance
Apr 241400Dignitas vs Na`Vi
Apr 241400Kaipi vs Fnatic (no stream)
Apr 251000LB Round 1 #1
Apr 251400LB Round 1 #2
Apr 261000Winner Semi-Finals #1
Apr 261400Winner Semi-Finals #2
Apr 271000LB Round 2 #1
Apr 271400LB Round 2 #2
Apr 281000LB Round 3
Apr 281400WB Final
Apr 291400LB Final

Apr 241600Mouse vs Alliance
Apr 242000Dignitas vs Na`Vi
Apr 242000Kaipi vs Fnatic (no stream)
Apr 251600LB Round 1 #1
Apr 252000LB Round 1 #2
Apr 261600Winner Semi-Finals #1
Apr 262000Winner Semi-Finals #2
Apr 271600LB Round 2 #1
Apr 272000LB Round 2 #2
Apr 281600LB Round 3
Apr 282000WB Final
Apr 292000LB Final

Source: GosuGamers

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