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G-League Champions Crowned
Submitted by Wyk on Sat, 09/03/2013 - 07:56

After nearly two months of anxious waiting from fans across the globe, the grand finale of the prestigious G-League concluded today at the Mercedes Benz Cultural Center in Shanghai.

The magnificent encounter squared off between the fan-favorites and world champions Invictus Gaming taking on the relatively newly formed who have nothing but impressive numbers on their short track record.

With a fully packed arena and national telecast of the games, the two teams began their best of five series with Invictus Gaming picking up the first two games in convincing fashion. With only a game away from a total loss, came back in the third game on the back of a well executed game plan and a heavily farmed up Lycanthrope handled by Pajkatt.

Team iG at G-League

Now having a point on the board, went in to the fourth game with the hope of dragging the world champions to the very end but iG had no intention of giving it up that easy. When two such motives collide, one always gets a great game and we got one nothing short of spectacular. After 81 minutes of intense Dota of the finest quality, the world champions iG managed to bring down's ancient securing the throne of the first ever G-League in Dota 2.

Congratulations to iG on this historical win and a big shoutout to for all that they have achieved in such a short span of time. Looking forward to seeing both the teams at The International later this year.

You can find the VOD's for all the matches above through the links on the channels after the break.

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