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GK Returns to EHOME
Submitted by Champ on Tue, 16/06/2009 - 09:12


Chinese star GK, decided to rejoin the team that was believed to be the best in the world.  After leaving EHOME in early April due to his studies but he has now graduated and is now making a comeback.  He is without his former teammate Snoy however, lets see if this makes a huge difference or not.  EHOMES prize money was really impressive, 27,962 USD in 2008, winning the most out of any team.  They were known for having incrediably great teamwork but playing in China they weren't really noticed in the scene.


After lower than expected performance in recent tournaments, they have decided to change there roster, but now they only have 4 people on the team.  Lets see if they still have what they shown us they can do in the past.


Current EHOME Roster:

  • ChinaEHOME.GK
  • ChinaEHOME.820
  • ChinaEHOME.357
  • ChinaEHOME.DGC

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