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iCCup adds DotA
Submitted by supa_fly on Mon, 19/10/2009 - 07:16

iCCup adds DotA

iCCup is an online gaming league mostly known for its popularity in Starcraft. Recently, however, iCCup has expanded its boundaries to Warcraft III.

iCCup announced yesterday that they will be adding DotA to their ladder. The season is currently in beta and is now playable.

iCCup features an anti-hack program, latency stability via complementary hostbots, and a point system based on players' wins and losses. Additionally, players from every region are allowed to participate in iCCup.

If all goes well this beta season, there is a chance that iCCup will continue its support of DotA with its first season.

Visit for additional information!

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