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iCCup Season Two
Submitted by supa_fly on Wed, 03/03/2010 - 02:19

The first iCCup DotA season has reached its close
and iCCup announces the beginning of the 2nd iCCup DotA Season

During the last three months we have made many improvements, with your help. This includes improving quality of connection, game play and communication on our server. This is all available for you to enjoy in the second DotA season, which is going to be started on Monday. Now, lets take a look back at some of the milestones reached this season.

With the close of season 1 we have to give a big congratulations to those holding the top 3 places in ladder. The money prizes are divided between the top CIS players PGG, ArtStyleH and Dendi.

1 place $250 AEON.pgg
2 place $150 ArtStyleH
3 place $100 Dendi-

As for team ladder, first place was reached and held nearly through out the whole season by Dendi squad aka DTS.

1 place $250 Dendi squad
2 place $150 say hello top3
3 place $100 Time to die
Read more at the source: iCCup: End of season 1

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