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IDEC Earth League Playday
Submitted by Dmitriy on Fri, 14/08/2009 - 11:00

IDEC selected the top 16 teams, out of 103, that will play in the IDEC Earth League. IDEC Earth League. Who are they and when will they play?
This is the 1st Season of IDEC Earth League , Winner of 1st Season will qualify to Premier League where he will participate with IDEC Teams for a place for their team in IDEC community. Lets see what will happen in next 15 weeks and who will win. The action starts August 17!

Notification for participants: Playday 1 starts next Monday ( 17-08 ).
IDEC Earth League Rules: Here
IDEC Earth League Ranking: Here
IDEC Earth League Match Reporting: Here

Here is list with chosen teams:

Area 51 Gaming
Blight Gaming LCC
Club der fraggenden Dichter
DivinE GaminG
ExperieNce anD Style
Global Domination Time
Non Servium
Set Net Titans
Team Wahlin

The teams are chosen and now it's time to start competition. Default time for Playday 1 is 22-08-2009 @ 20:00 CET. Teams can schedule other time during playday week. Some of matches will have GarenaTV stream. Here are the matches of the 1st Playday.

Playday 1:

2009-08-22 20:00 | [Pz] vs Wahl
2009-08-22 20:00 | [51] vs CFD
2009-08-22 20:00 | snT vs DivinE
2009-08-22 20:00 | Non vs EnDs
2009-08-22 20:00 | GDT| vs FyC
2009-08-22 20:00 | Blight^ vs imex
2009-08-22 20:00 | EDGE vs one4one
2009-08-22 20:00 | DIPS vs x3m
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