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iG Invited to TI3
Submitted by dpm on Tue, 23/04/2013 - 12:52

Invictus Gaming received their official invitations from Valve to defend their title at The International 3. Valve has yet to reveal tournament details. TI and TI2 both had sixteen teams competing for a total prize pool of USD 1.6 million.

dpm got some quick quotes from Chuan about the TI3 invite.

Would you like to say something to your fans?
Thanks for supporting us. We will try our best to defend our championship.

Which three teams do you think will be hardest to beat?
Every team is the same to me.

(Chuan can be followed on his official Facebook and Twitter pages.)
Check out the invitation here:

While all sixteen teams were invited in the first year, TI2 had 14 invited teams with two slots up for grabs at the East and West qualifiers. Another difference in TI2 was the presence of the first runner-ups from the qualifiers to replace teams if needed. This happened in the case of MUFC missing one player. They were replaced by Mousesports, after they defeated World Elite for the slot.

Invictus Gaming joins four other officially invited people on the growing list. Earlier this month, v1lat, LaoDang, Haitao and Melody have publicly announced their attendance.

Which teams and personalities are you expecting and hoping to be invited next?

Source: iG.Chuan

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