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iNc'Excello Interview
Submitted by dpm on Fri, 03/07/2009 - 01:56



Malaysia will be represented by iNc'Excello at the WCG Asian Championship. PlayDotA interviewed them after their qualifier victory last weekend.

Please introduce your players and role in the team.

Name: Ng Aik Huang Nickhlos
Gaming Name: -n|cXh-|
Age: 20
Number of years playing DotA: 3 years
Ex-teams : Ct-GoV, DNA-SK
Role in the team: Semi-farmer, ganker.
Favourite Hero: POTM
Favourite Item: Divine Rapier
Name: Kok Tong Kong
Gaming Name: -ZuKi-|
Age: 21
Number of years playing DotA: 3 years
Ex-teams : Inc, DNA-SK
Role in the team: Support, ganker.
Favourite Hero: Crystal Maiden
Favourite Item: Observer Ward
Name: Lim Ewe Wei
Gaming Name: Bboy
Age: 20
Number of years playing DotA: 3 years
Ex-teams: Stim, Ice, DNA-SK
Role in the team: Support, ganker.
Favourite Hero: Nerubian Assasin
Favourite Item: Phase Boots
Name: Ooi Woo Boon
Gaming Name: WeNz
Age: 18
Number of years playing DotA: 3 years
Ex-teams: Ftz, Ice, DNA-SK
Role in the team: Semi-farmer, ganker.
Favourite Hero: Shadow Fiend
Favourite Item: Divine Rapier, Manta Style
Name: Raymond Wong
Gaming Name: DeejaysHarky
Age: 19
Number of years playing DotA: 2 years
Ex-teams (Year): Inc, Visualize
Role in the team: Farmer, Support
Favourite Hero: Necrolyte
Favourite Item: Bloodstone


Photo Credit: Jason Wong, Gamosphere

Please tell us how the current team formed?
Well, to be exact this team formed a long time ago. Almost two years. It was back to the DNA-SK era. But it went through many generations of DNA-SK people. As for this roster, the team met each other through tournaments and online. Since we feel that we have chemistry once we played, we started to play with this roster. Excello sponsored us four months ago, April of this year.

How did you prepare for this tournament? Did you play with other professional teams or watch other teams' replays?
Usually we train with our neighbour country's teams (Singapore) and local teams. We can't find any international team due to lag. Ks.Sg, Ks.My, and XtC are the few that we always train with. We do watch replays to study new strategies. replays are always interesting.

Did you expect to win the WCG Malaysia Qualifier? What do you think was your edge against other teams?
We did expect to have a chance to win but with some challenge, since Ks is a great competitor. I guess our constant and stable lineup is our edge and advantage against other teams because we know and trust each other well.

What were your most memorable in-game moments during the competition?
Memorable? The final game of this qualifier is memorable of course. Would never have expected we would win the game. Nothing funny happened butshouting was everywhere. “Nice!” was everywhere from the fans and players. From both sides, Ks and xLo.iNc.

How are you going to prepare for the WCG Asian Championship? Will you avoid playing with the other teams who will be competing against you? Which teams do you think will be the most challenging?
We do avoid playing other teams that qualified for this great tournament. We normally just train with local teams, so no other strategy will leak out. Starsboba, dMw(former Fnatic), and many other teams that qualified would be a great and challenging competitor.

Which other tournaments are you currently competing in? Which tournaments will you be joining soon?
Currently, we are playing in Malaysia Qualifier for ADC that is organised by Garena. We probably would go for any local tournament that will be held here (Malaysia). We qualified for the SMM Grand Final already. Two weeks ago, we won the Penang Qualifier. Of course we are awaiting for the Grand Final of this year and hope to see other international teams that will come to compete.

Would you like to say anything to your fans? Any shout-outs to your friends?

We would like thank everyone for supporting us so much. Not to forget friends that came down and supported us in qualifier. You know who you are . And not to forget to our sponsors : INC (The LAN Cafe that sponsoring us now), Steelseries, Excello and others!


Photo Credit: SMM

From left to right : Venue sponsor manager, Zuki, Wenz, Bboy, DeejaysHarky, n|cXh, SMM Organizer.


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