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Indonesia ICT Awards
Submitted by dpm on Wed, 29/07/2009 - 08:26

Co-written by: NdRuw

Jakarta - The Indonesia ICT Award 2009 awarded a total of IDR 6 million (USD 600) and trophies to the three winners yesterday. A total of 32 teams started in the qualifier rounds on 15-19 July at the Taman Anggrek Mall. Although retired from the international scene, dMw participated in this tournament with a new member, noobz. Replays will be released by the organisers soon and PlayDotA will bring you match reports.

1st: dMw (LaKuci, RitteR, KoaLa, MuT, noobz)
2nd:RAS (aLare~, yNd, toneeEee, sLiazoR, --)
3nd: XcN (joJO, piglet~, jcL, cHe, Reminisce)

1st: IDR 3M (USD 300) + Trophy
2nd: IDR 2M (USD 200) + Trophy
3rd: IDR 1M (USD 100) + Trophy

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