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Interview with Kingsurf
Submitted by dpm on Wed, 19/08/2009 - 10:54

Dpm interviewed the new Kingsurf after winning David vs Goliath. Share your comments in the PlayDotA forum.

Back (left to right): Angel3 (Sakura), Owning (Chuan)
Front (left to right): Mr. Tiang (Kingsurf Sponsor), Ken (Kingsurf Manager), 21July (xiaogui), MateH (Yamateh)
Added Photo: Swing (Ice)

Please introduce your players.

(Formerly Yamateh)

Name: Ng wei poong
Previous Teams: Team Webster

Personal Info
Age: 19
Birthday: 27-02-1990
Location: Johor , malaysia
Occupation: Gamer
Languages: Mandarin

Color: Light blue
Food: Sushi

Dota Information
Number of Years Playing Dota: 4 years
Role in the Team: Carrier
Favorite Hero/s: Butcher
Favorite Item/s: Divine rapier / butterfly
Favorite Map Version: 661b
Favorite Lane Combination: Middle solo
Hang-out Client/s and Room/s: Garena Singapore Dota Rooms

(Formerly Sakura )

Name:Ng Kim Jen
Previous Teams:Kingsurf

Personal Info
Birthday:8 May 1988
Languages:Mandarin/cantonese ( ni zuo mat lan )

Color: Purple/Pink
Food: Japanese food
Movie/s: Dragon Ball
TV Shows: Pikachu
Music: R&B
Songs: Chinese song

DotA Information
Number of years playing DotA:4
Role in the team:Supporter
Favorite Hero/s:Zeus,Sf,potm
Favorite Item/s:Observer Ward / Sentry Ward
Favorite Map version:6.61b
Favorite lane combination:Lane With YamateH
Hang-out client/s and room/s: Sg dota room 05

(Formerly xiaogui)

Name:Lee Wen Chek
Previous Teams:Kingsurf

Personal Info
Brief Background:nope
Languages:Chinese / English

Food:Japan Food
Movie/s:Ice Age 3
TV Shows:Any
Songs:Talk To Me

DotA Information
Number of years playing DotA:4
Role in the team:Farmer
Favorite Hero/s:Puck
Favorite Item/sagon
Favorite Map version:6.48b
Favorite lane combination:Puck + Sandking
Hang-out client/s and room/s: nope

(Formerly Ice)

Name: Chua Chee Cai
Previous Teams: Mineski

Personal Info
Age: 20
Birthday: June 27th
Location: Malaysia
Occupation: Student
Languages: Mandirin

Color: Silver
Food: Japanese Food
Movie/s: Shaneblog
TV Shows: Shaneblog
Music: R&B
Songs: Chinese Song

DotA Information
Number of years playing DotA: 4 years
Role in the team: Any
Favorite Hero/s: Potm,Qop,
Favorite Item/s: Hex
Favorite Map version: 661
Favorite lane combination: middle lane
Hang-out client/s and room/s: Sg clanwar ,Sg room 5

(Formerly ChuaN)

Name:Wong Hock ChuaN
Previous Teams:8mski

Personal Info

Food:Japan BBQ
Movie/s:Ice Age 3
TV Shows:Pokemon
Songs:Chinese song

DotA Information
Number of years playing DotA:3
Role in the team:Semi Carry
Favorite Hero/s:Sf,Potm
Favorite Item/sivine
Favorite Map version:6.48b
Favorite lane combination:SOLO MID
Hang-out client/s and room/s: garena sg room 05
Please tell us how your new roster was formed. After the split with the other Kingsurf teams, are there any changes you would like to share? What is behind the “New Generation” Kingsurf?
In fact, the KS team itself has never broken up. We reorganized the team by changing the manager and nicknames of all the players. The team after reorganization is called “New Generation KS”, which represents a new milestone. The team will start all over again as a beginner with a tireless fighting spirit.

How did it feel to be the champion of your first tournament, David vs Goliath, as a new team?
I would say we were in luck. Nevertheless, all the players gave their best and the overall performance in the tournament was satisfactory. The team will keep it up.

How did you prepare for the competition? Which teams did you train with often? How do you test new strategies before a tournament? Do you watch replays?
Other than team training, which is carried out three to four times per week, players do individual training frequently to refine their skills. In order to pinpoint their own weaknesses, they watch their own replays from time to time. No specific strategies have been planned before the tournament, instead, the players take a flexible approach according to the circumstances.

Was it very different using the 6.61b map version, as most of the recent and current tournaments are still using 6.59d? Did it change your strategy? Was it more difficult to predict what other teams would do?
The 6.61b map version is used for map control and strategies application, while 6.59d is used for backdoor and
pushlane. No matter which version is being used, hero draft is a crucial factor to decide the result.

Which other tournaments are you currently competing in? Which tournaments will you be joining soon? What about the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament?
The team will take part in all the tournaments that are held in Malaysia, Singapore. The SMM Grand National DotA Tournament is one of them. The team is doing their best to prepare for it.

Would you like to say anything to your fans? Any shout-outs to your friends?
We would like to say thank you for the support that the fans extended to us. To live up to their expectations, we are committed to give our best effort to get the best result in subsequent tournaments. Please give us your continuous support. Thank you.

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