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Jolie joins RoX.KIS.DotA!
Submitted by Champ on Sat, 06/06/2009 - 09:52


After playing in ASUS Spring 2009, RoX.KIS.DotA has now been formed.  Jolie who quit Ks.Int will now play with all Russians in a new home.  Lets see how this team will produce in the future.


Current Roster:


  • RussiaAlex "Kapa6ac" Bondar (Manager)
  • RussiaBasil "Jolie" Pepeliaev
  • RussiaAndrew "DreadiSbaCk" Golubev
  • RussiaEugene "BeasT" Blonsky
  • RussiaArsi "R1pper" Dzhivadzhiev
  • RussiaAlexander "BlackSantaNiger" Coltan



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