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Leavers 3 from Toonhaze
Submitted by Sabian on Wed, 24/06/2009 - 05:05 has just released the latest sequel of "Leavers", a webcomic developed by Aleque. Leavers mainly talks about DotA and its worst plague: leavers.

The first Leavers episode was released in early 2004 and quickly had a great success. Back then, most of the DotA players were still playing on and our favourite custom map would take ages to load, leavers were a real concern to everyone.

Here is a quick snapshot of this great comic, click here to watch it.

The plot is about a dedicated DotA player, Aleque, who tries to teach manners to Luck.Duck, a very young and hostile beginner. Will Luck.Duck learn manners and stop ruining games ?

If you haven't seen the previous episodes yet, here are the links:

- Leavers 3
- Leavers 2
- Leavers 1

If you want to read more great Dota Comics from, make sure to read the "Lamers" episodes:

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