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LGD crowned Gigabyte Dota Masters
Submitted by Wyk on Sat, 23/06/2012 - 08:29

The grand final of this huge tournament came down to a very peculiar formatted ending with Team LGD taking on Singapore's Team Zenith in a three-set Bo3 Grand Finale.

Confusing eh? Well it isn't all that much. Rather than having a single game best of three affair, the folks at Gigabyte Masters setup the same but instead replaced the single game encounters to best of three themselves giving us more Dota action to watch and the teams a harder but fairer chance to win the title.

Having come in to the Grand Final from the Upper Bracket and not having dropped any match, Team LGD began with a 1-0 advantage against Team Zenith who picked up a fresh victory over Team Orange in the consolation final of the Lower Bracket.

With LGD having 1-0 lead by default, it was very crucial for Zenith to pick up the first set if they wanted to stay alive in the tournament. With some really good display of teamwork, they picked up two back to back victories and making the scores even. Much to our delight, the winner would be decided in the final Bo3 encounter.

The final best of three set kicked off a little bit late due to technical problems but turned out to be completely worth the wait. Both the team put up a really good show but LGD managed to two victories (especially neat one in the second match) to get crowned the Gigabyte Dota Masters.

The tournament itself has been very interesting with the top Asian teams and a lot of International contenders taking a shot at each other. It'll be exciting to watch these teams face off against each other on the Grand Stage this August.

Final Standing

Team LGD - $3000
Team Zenith - $1250
Orange eSports - $750

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