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MMU Convofest Result
Submitted by Juzaguy on Thu, 06/08/2009 - 10:22

ConvoFest LAN Games Competition 2009 is a collaboration event by the MMU Game Developers’ Club and Student Representative Council. It is an open competition for students in Multimedia University, all the IPTA in Malaysia and players from the South-East Asia Region. Over 40 teams participated for DotA. Discover the champion, see their photo and statement and our match report of the Final.

Final Match Report Here

Download Full Tournament Replay Pack: Click Here

Champion team: Cash MYR1200 + sponsored gift + MMU certs
1st Runner up team: Cash MYR700 + sponsored gift + MMU certs
2nd Runner up team: Cash MYR500 + MMU certs

Champion: KeydoneMU.mski
1st-runner up: SinO
2nd-runner up: Cybertime1

Photo credit: Gamosphere
KeyDoneMU.mski (From left to right): xT-, Ahyu, xiGz, Pia, xxF
It was always 50-50 for us to win any tournament. In my opinion, strategies and tactics are very important for us to be superior than other competitors. It all came down to determination, leadership, and teamwork plus a little luck during the big day itself. The team trained very hard on a daily basis in reviewing new tactics. Clearly our tactics and drafts worked well during this tourney. I feel happy for the team and would like to give them a big congratulations for that. However, we still need to sit down and improvise on our formation and tactics, as we always want to keep ourselves moving in giving our competitors more surprise elements and assuring our winning odds at the coming tournaments.
- ultraconman, Manager of KeyDoneMU.mski

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