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MY-SG 8888 DotA Tournament Finals Recap
Submitted by Champ on Sat, 13/06/2009 - 09:10


If you didn't watch Garena TV or listen to the GameStah shoutcast earlier this week you missed out!  The Malaysia-Signapore 8888 DotA Tournament was intense with unusual push stratigies and heroes such as Dark Seer, Pugna, and Nerubian Weaver.  What lead up to the finals were two incredibly awesome matches, Mineski vs Storia D`amore and XTC vs Asterisk

Mineski vs Storia

Game 1 of Mineski vs Storia was interesting because Storia tried a push strategy and it resulted in them getting stomped.  Mineski's xiGz went 18-3 with Bane Elemental and racked up 4 kills in under than 12 minutes and teammate XTiNcT went 13-0 with Nerubian Weaver.  In Game 2 Storia's captain hyhy stepped it up when he played Dragon Knight and carried his team to win the game farming up a SnY, Battlefury, Hyperstone, HoD, and treads with 8 kills and just 1 death, while teammate Opio- went 8-0 with morphling.  Mineski didn't play the same as in game 1 and ended up losing in game 3 also but there is no replay to that game, Storia wins 2-1.

XTC vs Asterisk

All female gaming squad Asterisk sponsored by PMS was beaten by XTC DotA.  XTC was able to have complete control in the first game and they had the upper hand, were pushing the lanes pretty strongly, and had the map position and also their hero's were a lot stronger than Asterisks.  XTC easily one game two, advancing into the finals with a 2-0 victory.

Game 1 Analysis:

Game 1 of the finals was a huge game, it was close the entire game. Hyhy played a great chaos knight along with lemion who played Visage and was formerly on ImpreZa until there recent disbandment in early April. ToFu who played puck was the stand out though for Storia, he managed to play puck perfectly, avoiding a lot of targeted stuns, great initiation in fights along with a godlike streak (14-2).  Storia won game one 36-22.


End Game Screenshot


Game 2 Analysis:

Game 2 was a great up set, tohx4 showed us an a sick PotM, 16-2 with final items, Manta, Butterfly, and BKB, he couldn't be stopped.  Omniknight wasn't the best pick for Storia, he didn't provide that much help and was easily countered by diffusual blade, his final score was 0-12.  Despite that, lemion still saw hope and went 11-4 but Storia still managed to lose against a farmed PotM and Phantom Lancer who continued to push lanes in scourge's base to eventually get the throne.  XTC won game 2 in 62 minutes, 30-27.

End Game Screenshot


Game 3 Analysis:

In game 3, no one went positive for XTC, Storia played great in game 3 when they needed it the most.  ToFu played puck again and went 7-2 playing almost as good as he did in game 1.  Hyhy had nearly 300 creep kills on Shadow Fiend, dominating his solo against Storm Spirit and farmed up Treads, BKB, Manta, Bfly, and Dagger.  Lemion wasn't far behind him surprizingly early in the game with creep kills, he soloed with Bane Elemental and stuck right around with hyhy and farmed a very fast necro 3 stopping Skeleton King on the other team from reincarnating in battles.

End Game Screenshot



Special thanks to BZeiler for the banner.


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