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Nation War Results
Submitted by dpm on Sat, 15/08/2009 - 12:51

Five of Malaysia's and Five Vietnam's top teams were selected to fight for their country in Garena's Nation War invitational tournament. There was continuous action, game after game, until all five teams from one of the countries were eliminated. Which country won? See the faces of the winning team in their latest photo, read their winning statements and check out the details in our match reports!

Latest Results (Warning: It shows the results for all games)
Game 1: Kingsurf > StarsBoba
*** StarsBoba forfeit after Kingsurf decided to continue the game 5v4 because of an early lead.
Game 2: Kingsurf > GV
Game 3: Kingsurf > vs G4V
Game 4: Kingsurf > A13
Game 5: Kingsurf > Masta

(Photo provided by Ken, Kingsurf Manager)

Back (left to right): Angel3 (Sakura), Owning (Chuan)
Front (left to right): Mr. Tiang (Kingsurf Sponsor), Ken (Kingsurf Manager), 21July (xiaogui), MateH (Yamateh)
Added Photo: Swing (Ice)
These few weeks, we have been training daily. We trained until 6am this morning! What I can say is that we played very well today. I think we can fight for more championships with the 6.61c map. Thank you to all of you who gave us a chance to prove that we can still win.
- Ken, Kingsurf Manager

Match Reports & Replays
- View the Details Here!


Malaysia Vietnam
Cybertime A13
Ftz G4V
INC.Excello GV
Keydone.MU Masta
Kingsurf SB

Tournament Infomation

Game Version: 1.24 or latest
Map Version: 6.61c
Format: 1 Nation 4 teams, Best of 1 King of the Hill Death match.
Platform: Garena
ADC rules will be applied : Click Here
Schedule: When a game is over, there will be a 10 minute break and the losing side will need to determine which team will play next by getting the next team to join the hosted game.

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