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Only Five ADC Qualifiers Left
Submitted by dpm on Fri, 24/07/2009 - 08:40

The Asia DotA Championship East Asia, South Asia and Singapore Qualifiers are finished. The winners will join the Oceanic and Thailand teams in waiting for the remaining five qualifiers to be completed. All qualifying teams are required to have ten members for the regular season, giving talented players a chance to play even though they were not in the winning team. The full team rosters, player profiles and interviews will be released by Garena once available.

Stay tuned for live matches on Garena TV and some shoutcasts by Gamestah.

Upcoming Matches on Garena TV
28 July (8pm, +8GMT): Malaysia Final BO3 Match (Cybertime vs iNc`Excello)

Winning Teams

Australia & New Zealand: MCiTY
Final Match Report & Replays

East Asia (HK, JP, KR, TW): TOFU

Final Match Report & Replays
Garena Official Coverage (complete match reports)
Replays & Brackets

Singapore: Razer.CGC (Formerly
Final Match Report & Replay

South Asia (BD, IN, PK, LK): Err0R

Final Match Report & Replays
Replays & Brackets

Thailand: Darksector.Trust
Final Match Report & Replays
Replays & Brackets

Remaining Qualifiers

Remaining Teams: EHOME-, CN|CT, Razer.CGC China (, cD

Final Match (BO3): Iryu vs [R]Digi

[R]Digi walkedthrough to the Final, since dMw withdrew from ADC
Semi-Final Match Report & Replays (Iryu 1: 0 Azure.ScY)
Replays & Brackets

Final Match (BO3): Cybertime vs iNc`Excello

Prematch Statements
Semi-Final Match Report & Replays ( vs Cybertime)
Semi-Final Match Report & Replays (iNc`Excello vs Mski.MY

Final Match (BO3): [ TheOs ] vs Mineski-Dota

Semi Final Match Report & Replays (TheOs 2:0 BoB)
Semi Final Match Report & Replays (Mski-DotA 2:0 DI)
Replays & Brackets

Remaining Teams: GV, Masta, G4V, A13

* The winner must play against StarsBoba to determine which team will represent Vietnam.

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