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OSPL Autumn 2009
Submitted by dpm on Fri, 31/07/2009 - 08:19

Co-written by: ngEAr_

OPSL Autumn 2009 will be held in Almaty City, Kazakhstan on from 25-27 September. Over USD 27,000 in prizes will be awarded by the main sponsor, OMEGA-SECTOR. Registration is now open for both local and international teams. Local qualifiers will be held in different Kazakhstan cities. The list of invited teams will be announced soon.Participants who wish to arrive earlier and train will be provided free PC usage.

OMEGA-SECTOR net cafes are closely interested in the growth of Kazakhstan's cybersports. We hope that the tournament will be organized well and it will leave the best impression on our participants.
- Mark "AnepkOT.OSPL' Kazagashev, Head Organizer
1st: USD 10,000 (1.5M Kazakh tenge)
2nd: USD 6,666 (1.5M Kazakh tenge)
3rd: USD 4,000 (1.5M Kazakh tenge)

1st: USD 3, 300
2nd: USD 2, 000
3rd: USD 1, 300

Registration Fee:
USD 10 / gamer

Contact Details
Email :
mIRC : OSPL.DotA @ QuakeNet
ICQ : 369-869-983

Useful Information
Average Round-trip Flight Fee (for Asian Countries): USD1,000-1,500.
Average Hotel Price/person: USD 50 and above / night (Possible to find apartments)
Average Food Cost: USD 5 and above / person

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