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Pick League XII Results
Submitted by supa_fly on Sun, 11/10/2009 - 06:44

Pick League XII comes to an end

Prize distribution and tournament outcome

  1. MYM - 500
  2. Fnatic - 300
  3. Xeo.Frenezy.Int - 200

What started in early July of this year has alas come to its end.

In an eye-popping grand final, MYM and Fnatic battled it out in a best of three format. Widely known as two of the world's best and most prestigious teams, this will certainly be a match to remember.

Post-game player statements:

fnatic.KwoM: I don`t know for sure what everyone thought but we were hoping to win and we thought that we would. But I always have a huge respect for MYM so it would for sure be a hard game. They picked really well both games and they knew what they where doing. First game they got some early kills and they took the advantage from start, we really never came back into the game since they didn`t do many mistakes. Second game I believe that a strategy cant really have both Warlock and Tidehunter when you need so much movement ganks even though we could`ve won the second game if we would`ve focused better in 5vs5

MYM|PusHer: We put in the hours needed to beat them, and the result was a win of epic proportion. One where we showed them that we can beat them at their lategame, where they roam with such comfort and grace, however we disrupted this peaceful life with a quick stab, a long drawn death-punch, and we claimed a 2-0 victory as demanded by ourselves, our team and most importantly our FANS!


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