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Razer Dota 2 Tournament
Submitted by dpm on Thu, 08/03/2012 - 11:50

Razer Dota 2 Tournament

Presented by Razer, Organized by Rapture Gaming and sponsored by Alienware, AVerMedia, Kingston, nVIDIA and Starhub.

Singapore's top teams are challenged by invited teams Mineski.Infinity and Orange eSports. Although MYM's main line-up with new additions (previous MUFC team) is unable to make it, hyhy will still be playing. He will be joined by two people from his team that won 3rd at The International, iceiceice and xy. AeonSports has entered with NutZ, a strong gamer who was in teams that won SMM and WCG SG years ago.

Many top Singaporean players have joined, but under various team names. One team even has MrSwish, who flew over from the Philippines just for this event! Watch the action LIVE here!

This article will be updated as the event progresses! Stay tuned.

When: March 8 - 11 (1230 - 2000 +8GMT)
Where: Rapture Gaming Channel
Tournament Format: Single Elimination, Best of 1

View Brackets here.

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