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Razer EDC Grand Finals
Submitted by supa_fly on Thu, 11/03/2010 - 04:40

Razer European DotA Championship Professional League
Grand-Finals: Online-Kingdom versus Meet Your Makers

The time has come. Finally we will find the true champion. The champion of the continent. The European DotA Champion. 47 match-ups have been showed on GarenaTV so far and 48th last and final match-up is between the very best of Europe: Online-Kingdom formerly known as THESHIT! is facing one of the longest standing team of DotA * Meet Your Makers. Both teams came as underdogs to the Semi-Finals beating top challenger The Elder Gods and TheRetry. Make sure to tune in, you can't miss the game of the year!

Match Starts: 18:00 CET 2010.03.14. (Sunday)
Match Format: BO5 (Best out of Five)
Will be Live on GarenaTV!
Shoutcasted by:
* *TobyWanKenobi in English - Gamestah Broadcast Centre
* *ESL-R|paranoia in German -
* *InvalidCola in English - InvalidCola


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