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Razer EDC Professional League Group Stage Over
Submitted by supa_fly on Wed, 10/02/2010 - 12:08

Razer European DotA Championship Professional League
Group Stage Over, Playoffs to Kick-Off

November 10, 2009. Yes, it has been a long time since the Razer EDC Professional League started, 3 months have passed and our audience had the chance to witness epic battles full of action all the time. The 10 best teams of Europe fought for the title of number one undisputed champion of the continent and it seems the end is drawing truely closer. Only the best 4 teams remain in the cage to fight against each other. Let's see who they are...

As you can see it was a tough fight for the last qualifying spots. Storm Games Clan almost managed to get into the playoffs, but in the end THESHIT! and Meet Your Makers managed to take over the 3rd and 4th positions. The Elder Gods were almost unbeatable losing only one single game against THESHIT! resulting to a draw. The Russians, formerly known as and now continuing as The Retry were also strong throughout the whole event managing to go on without a doubt. That said the following games will be played in the Semi-Finals:

1st Placed versus 4th Placed: TeG vs MYM
2nd Placed versus 3rd Placed: TR vs TS

These games will be played during the next week and will be available on GarenaTV and will be shoutcasted by GameStah Radio. They are fighting for a total of 2500$ which was offered by our official sponsor Razer Ltd. We will be making interviews with the qualified teams and ask for predictions from professionals of other continents. Keep your eyes open for our upcoming articles!

We are of course planning to run a second season some months after the Razer EDC Amateur Tournament is over. The 5th to 8th placed teams from the Professional League will be invited for the Season II qualifiers along with the 3rd to 6th placed teams of the Amateurs. The golden and silver medalists of the Amateur Tournament will be automatically invited to the league itself and will start playing in the group stage right away along with The Elder Gods, The Retry, THESHIT! and Meet Your Makers.

We'd like to surprise you with a package of the Ten Best Replays of the Razer EDC Pro League Group Stage. We carefully selected the most action-packed games with some replays presenting astounding twists making it real exciting to watch all games from the first second till the very last one.
Razer EDC PL 10 Best Replays of Group Stage

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