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Roksilde.Ravens wins F4F #10
Submitted by Sabian on Sun, 07/06/2009 - 06:40


The next step for the Farm4Fame players will be to take part in the F4F Playoff. Only 4 teams are selected for that final battle of the very best dota gamers.

The American players from Team EG were supposed to be part of the action but it seems that they missed the deadline to get in touch with the Dota-League admins. Here is the official statement:

Unfortunately EG wasn`t able to answer dmZ or the admins for more than a week. Because of this no schedule for this match was possible, and this results - of course - in a default win for diamondZ. This gave dmZ the remaining 2 points they needed to get TeG.

It is no secret that we have only 4 slots available for the F4F-playoffs and thus diamondZ e.V. and The Elder Gods have to face each other once more to identify the 4th participant.

We will keep you updated about the result between "The Elder Gods" and "diamondZ e.V." which is set to take place in the very next days

source: Dota-League

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