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Scythe.SG Asia's Finest
Submitted by OwL OwL on Thu, 03/03/2011 - 12:15

Scythe.SG Asia's Finest
Report by : Wyk

After an immensely long season and hundreds of matches, the Grand Finale between Scythe.SG and Nirvana.MY ended the ever debatable question of the finest team in Asia today.

What started off as a long journey through the group stages and then the playoffs was surely going to have a spectacular end and that was exactly what we got out of the finals of the ADC 2010 Championship.

After securing the first place in the group stages, the course was set easy for Nirvana.MY with direct access to the Grand Finale but it was another story for Scythe. After numerous ups and downs over the last few months over the team roster changes, they clearly managed to pull themselves up and get ready to compete again.

After ending the thrashing StarsBoba's winning streak in the playoff's, Scythe clearly showed it to the world that they intend to go on and go on hard. With convincing victories over teams such as XtC and LGD.sGty, Scythe made a strong point that they indeed are material enough to fight for the ultimate prize.

With some of the best matches played this year in competitive DotA, both Nirvana.MY and Scythe gave the world the finale a tournament of such size deserved. But at the end of the day it was hyhy and his boys that picked up a 3-1 win in a best of 5 contest and raise their flag over the ADC 2010 Championship Trophy.

With a huge win in their pocket early during the year, Scythe surely promises to be a team that is all set to show some hard competition to not only the teams from China but also the rest of the world. Their progress this year will surely be something amazing to watch.

Last but not the least, we congratulate Scythe.SG on winning the Asian DotA Championship 2010 and Nirvana.MY for giving us an entire season of amazing matches to watch.


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