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SGamer China 1v1 DotA
Submitted by dpm on Sun, 26/07/2009 - 07:59

Some of the top DotA players in China have been invited to compete in a single elimination 1v1 tournament. SGamer, the organiser, even managed to get the retired aNgel LovEr to join in the fun. The games will be broadcasted live on Garena TV and the replays will be available.

Image Source: SGamer

Round 1: 29 July @ 8pm (+8 GMT)
Round 2: 30 July @ 8pm (+8 GMT)
Semi-Finals: 31 July @ 8pm (+8 GMT)
Final: 1 Aug @ 8pm (+8 GMT)

Contest Information
Game Version: 1.23
Map Version: DotA 6.61b
Game Mode: -apom
Tournament Format: Single Elimination, BO1 Rounds 1 & 2, BO3 Semi-Finals & Final

Tournament Rules
1. No banned heroes. The player who will pick first will be determined by -roll.
2. The winner is the first to reach three kills or destroy two enemy towers.

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