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SMM SG Results
Submitted by dpm on Thu, 15/09/2011 - 03:50

Four Singaporean teams have earned a seeded slot at the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011 this December. SGNDT's top eight teams will be splitting the prize pool of MYR 116,000 (USD 37,500) and win sponsored products.

Online Video + Replays
The final match can be watched on Rapture Gaming Network TV. The replays will be released by the organiser, Rapture Gaming Network, soon.
Placing Team Prize
1st AEONSports SGD 800 + Razer Goods (Imperator + Lycosa + Goliathus + Messenger Bag + Keyboard Bag + Beanie)
2nd GGHT SGD 400 + Razer Goods (Goliathus + Messenger Bag + Keyboard Bag)
3rd Alien Plus Four SGD 240 + Razer Messenger Bag
4th AG.SG SGD 120
Congratulations to the winners and participants!

1st Place: AEONSports (Source: Alienware Arena)

2nd Place: GGHT (Source: Alienware Arena)

3rd Place: Alien Plus Four (Source: Alienware Arena)

4th: AG.SG (Source: Alienware Arena)

Useful Links
Alienware Arena
TGX Official Website

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