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Spotlight: GosuGamers
Submitted by Sabian on Sun, 19/07/2009 - 03:04


Playdota is proud to present the "Community Spotlight". An exclusive feature which will focus on presenting various Dota Communities all around the world. Websites, softwares, channels, all the places where you can talk about Dota or play Dota will be getting their own spotlight. We believe this is a good way for players to discover new places where Dota enthusiasts share their passion for the game and to aid the efforts of those supporting DotA.

This week, the light is on GosuGamers, a very successful community website, founded in 2002, with an international audience on Warcraft 3, Starcraft and of course, Dota. Gosugamers has been covering Dota since 2006. The past 3 years, the Gosugamers crew has been adding amazing features for all the fans such as:

- Gosubet: The GosuBet is a very fun non-money betting system. Everyone starts with 50 DotA tangos and are able to put their tangos into many different bets, with odds for each player. There are rankings, seasons and much more.

- Dota blogs: Anyone can start his own blog about anything related or non-related to gaming or Dota. It’s a good way to share opinions and talk about yourself.

- Forum: A classic.

-Tournaments: Amateurs or Pros can take part in regular tournaments organized by Gosugamers, such as the Dreamhack Dota Tournament.

- Cups: The latest feature on GosuGamers, a summer Cup with 32 teams invited.



Picture: The Gosubet, one of the key features of Gosugamers. 


The site also provides the latest replays and fresh news about current leagues and tournaments. Gosugamers is mainly famous for organizing the Dreamhack Dota Tournament for more than 2 years. An event greatly appreciated amongst the players and fans.

While the main office is in Malmö, Sweden, the people, also known as the “GosuCrew”, who work with the website are from all over the world. Gosugamers has 65 000 registered members and welcomes 50 000 visitors every day. To handle this massive audience, more than 50 people are involved on the website (technical maintenance, editorial content, database updates.)

GG-Zeyall, the Dota Head-Admin has lots of ideas for the future of Gosugamers. And to support the growth of Dota and his website, he manages a 13 members crew. Here is what he has to say about the Gosugamers admins:

"At the moment, the DotA staff consists of 13 active members, including 3 replay admins and myself. Sn4k3y, joined the crew in the early of 2009 and aijn from china. he is responsible for asian replays."

Here is a complete description of our crew:

Sn4k3y (Bangladesh): works like a machine, uploads replays even before the games are played
aijn (China): covering the Asian DotA scene, helps to translate Chinese news
Dkdavion (Indonesia): Working from his mobile ;o)

Gosubet admins:
m4p (Iran): working 24/7 at the page with his modem ;o)
Nyme (Spain): rejoined the crew after a period of inactivity, covering Pick League and and ESL
SirNeo (Romania): joined the crew ages ago, covering the Romanian scene
Akuaki (Lithuania): Helping out with the eastern European scene

News admins:
Jihox (Brazil): Started with a column about DotA in other countries, writing about the DotA scene besides Europe and USA.
meesteryen (USA): Our strategy and interview guy
cheeseman420 (USA): Covering the tournament standings and member changes
maaz139 (Pakistan): Covers everything, great support for the eastern Asia scene

Event admins:

Ereskigal (Germany): started with the GosuCup; besides he writes news, uploads replays or sets the wrong winner in Gosubets ;o)
kiddoQ (Romania): schedules the matches for GosuCup, provides streams.

Earlier this month, Gosugamers has also been involved in a new field of the Dota Scene: tournaments. The GosuCup, which started in July, is already a big success with teams such as Fnatic, or Ravens showing up. 70 teams have registered to the cup but only 32 made it to the bracket.

The GosuCup is still running and you can download most of the games already played on GosuGamers or check out the schedule of the upcoming rounds.

Make sure to check their website and say hello !



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