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Submitted by Otter on Sun, 24/08/2008 - 02:21

PlayDotA proudly presents a spotlight on the DotA community at! THR began as the idea to create a way to play DotA that would keep track of all your statistics, from you wins and losses to your neutral creep kills. Now they are a thriving community with over 350,000 games played and thousands of active players. It's a beautiful system: all of their games are automatically hosted by low latency bots, so you'll never have to deal with the hassle of finding your own host. The best part is, they set up games at three different skill levels; public, closed, and pro, so regardless of your DotA experience, you'll have a place to game!

You can start playing THR in the open league just by joining channel Clan THR on US East or West, it's that easy! Players that want to ascend to the closed league can do so by applying for a safelist on the website once they have accumulated some games in the open league. The closed league is kept leaver-free through a safelisting process that approves people based on their stats in the public league indicating that they're a reliable player, as well as dedicated staff that ban leavers quickly and easily.

Some other great features of THR include:
- Easy to use! No hassle trying to get your games
- Free Ventrilo server
- Large emphasis on community input in decisions
- Prizes for top-ranked players
- Plans to support DotA tournaments at local LAN centers

A quick introduction to some of THR's staff:

Andrew "rm.erax0r" Goetz (Co-founder):
Got his start in serious PVP gaming all the way back in 1997 and hasn't stopped since! When he discovered Warcraft III he transitioned his efforts into becoming a competitive player in DotA. Andrew works as a software quality assurance engineer for a reputable data company and focuses his free time as CEO and co-founder of

Lucas "thugiife" Armstrong (Co-founder):
With over ten years of experience in web and software development, Lucas works hard throughout all hours of the night to keep THR up and running for all of its players!

Andre "Nyn" Couturier Maitret (Co-founder):
A highly experienced graphics designer (check out his portfolio) with marketing experience to boot, Andre works hard to make THR catch the eye!

Shaun "BlueFire" Phillip Randall (Admin):
Shaun lays down the law in THR, keeping the games free of leavers and other game-ruiners.

Shawn "WaxOn" Koehler (Admin):
Shawn has substantial experience in organizing leagues and events. He leads THR's competitive DotA initiatives, making sure that everything runs smoothly and easily!

THR Explains Statistics and Ratings
What makes THR stand out compared to other Public & Closed DotA hosts? It is because we track and record nearly every Statistic that DotA allows; Wins, Losses, Creep Score, Deny Scores, Tower & Rax Kills, etc. Player stats are totaled into a ladder database for any player to view their statistics, games played, hero performance, etc; through ratios, numbers & graphs. All of these are accessible on by searching a player name.

As players continue to play in THR, they will acquire ELO points. "The Elo rating system (created by Arpad Elo (1903-1992)) is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitive games. Performance can't be measured absolutely; it can only be inferred from wins and losses." Elo is the base requirement to climb THR's Ranked Ladder in each Tier. New Players will begin at Tier 1, which is the public DotA league. Players looking to improve their game and play more challenging games have Tier 2. In order to participate in Tier 2 (THR Closed), players must meet the safe list requirement from their Tier 1 Records. Once accomplished, players simply safe list through and may begin to play Tier 2 games. This same process is reflected for Tier 3 (THR Pro); however Tier 3 is more competitive and stricter. Players will additionally need a vouch to get into Tier 3.

They've got great people running a place to play great games, so what are you waiting for? Head over to and get started!

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