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SummerHeat Q1 Results
Submitted by dpm on Sun, 16/08/2009 - 12:19

Singapore - Two teams fought their way to the top of a total of 16 teams to win the SummerHeat Qualifier 1. They were divided into two groups and were both undefeated in the BO1 single elimination format. Each winner won SGD 200 (USD 140) and a place in the Grand Finals.

The Summer Heat Tournament is part of their four-tournament S²AW Series. Qualifier 1 capped the team average power points (ranking system points) to 1620, requiring some teams to have different members. The qualifiers are a perfect way for emerging teams to gain tournament experience and the chance to spar against the giants.

The organizer, DotaSG, will release the replays soon.

RoL and W4SI

Photo Credit: DotaSG
Left Half: RoL
Right Half: W4SI

Tournament Brackets
by DotaSG

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