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Sunday Evening Cup
Submitted by supa_fly on Fri, 18/06/2010 - 11:51

Sunday Evening Cup

Sunday Evening Cup (SECS) is a weekly tournament hosted by The tournament features a single elimination 32-team seeded bracket and is open to all teams in North and South America.

SECS is a five week series. Teams accumulate points through their performance each week. At the end of the four week span, the fifth week concludes the series with the top four teams with the highest accumulated points playing in a single elimination best-of-three playoff. SECS has a $500 prize pool which is rewarded to the first and second place winners at the end of the five weeks.

Point system explained:
You will be awarded one point per victory in SECS and two points for winning in a SECS Final. If you repeat as champions, you recieve an additional two bonus points per time you repeat. If you defeat the defending champion, you will receive one additional bonus point for each SECS in a row they have won.
SECS was originally inspired from ESL's Friday NightCup. Under the name of Sunday Night Cup at the time, it launched in December of 2009 as a community-ran project. Since then, it has expanded from a 16-team event to a 32-team event and has been going on for 25 cups.

SECS 4.1 will be taking place this Sunday. Tune in at for Sunday Evening Cup coverage.

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