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TGX Regional LIVE
Submitted by dpm on Fri, 09/09/2011 - 09:44

Group stages have commenced with the very first one featured on the main stage. Stay tuned with PlayDotA to see how these eight Asian teams progress.
Neolution E-SPORT
Mineski Infinity Powercolour
Orange eSports

Results on Alienware Arena
Group A Match: AEONSports vs Mineski Infinity (Spoilers) - dpm on Alienware Arena

Online Streams
Official TGX TV (Steam of main stage, not all are DotA Games)
Featured DotA Games on the Official TGX TV (+8 GMT)

Sept 10
1000 AEONSports vs Mineski Infinity
1300 Orange eSports vs StarsBoba
Sept 11
1000 MUFC vs Neolution E-SPORT
1400 Mineski Infinity vs ULTIMATE
1800 Mineski Infinity vs Orange eSports

(Permitted by Alienware Arena)

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Alienware Arena TGX Page
Official TGX Website
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