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The Pride of America
Submitted by dpm on Sun, 09/08/2009 - 08:30

Top teams will be playing intense weekly matches in The Pride of America League. This is an invitational tournament organized by They will provide shoutcasts, replays and interviews on their website. Stay tuned for the Week One, which starts on August 17.

Confirmed Teams (More teams might be added)

Fanat1c, AMXZaku, JohhnyUtah, mO, Zaetr, XSK_Samurai, kr4zed_j0o

Korok, Cubs, Lord, Ownage-Juice, wtfmate, Shadow, tf_elfmasta

Global Domination Time
Taku, Fry, OwNTalluEZ, Krowen, Sephlroth, Radi

Sponsor Us Please
Illmatic, Mikey, Biscaya, Finith, Bulba-saur, PIG, LUSTISNOTGOOD, 5-s, Moon

JunStar, Huchi, Akiri, Empire, Willis, Third Child, Hobo

Area 51 Gaming
Fu, Ganked, Practice, Glocks, THE_MN, Risk, eXyrion

Blight Gaming LLC
Drew, Majide, Ken, Blueberry, UnLearN, Ketchup, Blitz, TheDon

Gotta Go Wash My...
PE0N, CHUMPION!, SonicShock, GGNIKKAZ, adhdrunsme, Dorian, J.C-, Silhouette_, Sporadix

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