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TI2 Pre Group Stage
Submitted by dpm on Sat, 25/08/2012 - 07:07

The International has four stages: (1) Pre Group Stage, (2) Group Stage, (3) Rest Days and the (4) Main Event. The main tournament page is extremely informative. Here is the pre-group stage in a nutshell:

  • Aug 23: Arrival for most teams, analysts and interviewers
  • Aug 24 - 25: Bootcamp and media days for teams

  • Valve Office: Bootcamp
  • Hotel: Media sessions (Photos + video clips for production)
  • Group A: aL, CLG, DK, EG, LGD, M5, MUFC, Zenith
  • Group B: CoL, Darer, EHOME, iG, mTw, Na`Vi, Orange, TF
  • Mouz and World Elite (Will replace any teams if necessary.)
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